Uses For NEMT

Types of Medical Problems that Require Use of non-emergency Medical Transportation

There is a wide range of people who are immobilized by medical issues that they are experiencing and need to rely on transportation services to get around. It is too expensive and impractical to use ambulances and other emergency services for standard doctor appointments and taxis may not provide the medical care that you need in your day to day operations.

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This article will focus on the common medical problems that you are likely to need to rely on non-emergency medical transportation. For a reliable and affordable medical transport company, visit

The first medical issue that leads to the use of medical transportation is simply advanced age. When the elderly reach an age where they may find themselves unable to drive safely without being a danger on the road. In addition, at a certain age their mental facilities break down and they may need transportation services to get to their appointments and other locations. Either way, the elderly are a frequent user of these non-emergency transportation services.

Numerous birth defects are also leading reasons why individuals need to use medical transportation services. This is true of both physical and mental injuries that inhibit a person’s ability to travel as well as to make appropriate decisions to arrive at the right location. Genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis or down syndrome may fit into this category as can birth defects that limit your ability to walk can also lead to the use of non-emergency transportation services.

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Significant temporary injuries can also require the use of these transport services. Breaking a leg or becoming partially disabled in other ways can also require this assistance. Many people still need to earn their wages while they are recovering from these injuries and need to get to work or to a physical therapist. These aforementioned transportation services can help to bridge the gap between the needs of these individuals and the capacity of these individuals during their recovery period.

As such, many people are in need of non-emergency medical transportation services and can greatly benefit from their use. By using these services they can maintain their lifestyles or improve them and get the medical attention and social interactions that they need to maintain and improve their health.